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5 Things Worth the Splurge

I have another USAA special for you today. There was too much good stuff in their quarterly newsletter to let it go with just one post. Last week I featured their 12 ways to get extra money. Today I’m going to share their 5 things worth the splurge. It’s their list but my commentary.

  1. Interior Paint: Nothing can change a room faster or cheaper than a fresh coat of paint. Consumer Search gives Benjamin Moore Aura at $55 a gallon the highest consumer rating. What else can change a room from drab to fab for only $55? The second highest rated paint is Benjamin Moore Regal for $40 a gallon. More expensive paint is more true in color, is easier to apply, and has a nicer finish. You can also choose paints that smell less and dry quickly. No more spending all day painting and then two days airing out the room before you can put your furniture back. With the high end paints you can be in, out, and on with life before the kids wake up from their nap!
  2. Estate Planning: A will and trust are critical for peace of mind, especially if you have children. If you have minor children it’s best for everyone involved if you have a plan for them in the event of your passing. They are going to be going through a terrible time and the last thing you would want for your kids is to be put into the care of the state. Children aside, who better to decide who will get your assets than you? Plus proper estate planning can save your estate thousands upon thousands of taxes. Being prepared for your death is the loving and responsible thing to do. Surprisingly, it’s not overly expensive to give this gift to your loved ones. USAA estimates you will spend between $800 and $1,800 to get your affairs in order. My husband and I got a will and trust drawn up by a lawyer and it cost $1,200. We were able to appoint guardianship for our children as well as divvy up our assets.
  3. Mattress: Oh yeah, now we’re talkin’! I love to sleep. A good mattress can make a real difference in your life. Sleep is important to your physical and mental well being. After a long hard day it’s just heaven to get into a cozy in bed. USAA says quality queen sized inner-spring mattresses start at around $700. Not a bad price to add comfort to a third of your life.
  4. Kitchen Knives: USAA states that a good set of knives will start at about $400. That might sound like a lot of money but keep in mind that you will have these knives for life. Good knives don’t wear out. They say to look for a high carbon steel blade that is one piece from tip to end. The handle should be a hard crack-resistant material.
  5. Running Shoes: As with a mattress we are talking about health here. Good shoes will prevent injury and quitting a workout before you should. I know I certainly don’t need any excuses to cut my workouts short. USAA suggests visiting a local running store to get a custom fit. Everyone needs a little something different depending their specific needs. Good entry level running shoes start at around $50. I’ve also noticed that good sneakers also last a lot longer than cheap ones. So you certainly get your money’s worth.

What do you think is worth the splurge?

6 thoughts on “5 Things Worth the Splurge”

  1. The mattress was a huge splurge for us – we spent $3000 on a Tempurpedic two years ago. I had a little mental breakdown at first but now I am sooooo glad. My husband’s back aches are completely gone to this day!

    We would splurge on knives, but thanks to his generous family, we end up getting gifted Shun knives one at a time and are on our way to an excellent set!

    Other than that, we splurge on vacations and going to things like blogger conferences and Curling tournaments in other states. Travel is definitely our biggest splurge every year.

  2. I completely agree with the running shoes!! I didn’t get mine properly fit a few years ago and ended up with a stress fracture in my foot. I just bought the first pair of running shoes that I liked and didn’t pay attention to the type of shoe. I won’t ever make that mistake again!

  3. The estate plan is a necessary evil, especially for families. Did you consider Legal Zoom? Sometimes I think lawyers just think of the biggest number they can and throw it out there to see if people will take it. We got our living will, advance medical directive, and P.O.A. for finances done at the same time as our will. That was a few years ago, and we have bought a house and had another child since then. We need to update!

  4. Travis @DebtChronicles

    I’ve lived the running shoes…I bought cushioned running shoes once because the guy at a sport store, when I asked him to recommend some running shoes, pointed at a pair and said “these are expensive.” Assuming they were good, I bought them.

    Turns out, I need motion control shoes, and the ones I bought were horrible for me. My IT band got irritated and it took me 6 months after I got new shoes to fully recover.

    Buy good shoes, and buy the right shoes!

  5. I definitely think running shoes are worth spending on. I’ve spent about $100 each on my last couple pairs of shoes, and they’ve worked out great. I generally agree with the mattresses, too.

    I’m still not sold on the knives. I’ve always had relatively cheap knives, and they still seem to last a long time and work well enough. Even if the expensive knives don’t break, I’d be worried about what else could happen to them.

  6. Maggie@SquarePennies

    Ashley, this is a very good list! You’re right, you get the most bang for the buck with paint to change the look of a room! We’ve used Benjamin Moore for all of our downstairs & have been happy with how long it has lasted & can be washed where something splashed on the wall.

    We bought a wonderful pillow-top mattress at Sam’s Club that we thought was a decent price. Nothing like a good night’s sleep!

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