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A Kid’s Lesson in Frugality

My nine year old daughter had a chance at a money lesson this weekend. She went on a Girl Scout trip to California and was in charge of her own spending money. She had $45 to buy 3 meals. She had a little purse and I told her where to put her receipts, change, and dollar bills.

I also promised any money she brought home would be spent on redecorating her room. Which we had been making plans to do. I asked her specifically to bring home $20 which would buy a gallon of paint. I wanted her to be conscious of the fact that any money not spent on one thing can be spent someplace else. I was hoping she would use a little frugality, something that is not in her nature.

I was very curious to see how this would go. She’s never been in charge of her own money in this way. Where she would have to budget a little and not lose her purse.

She brought home $9. I was fine with this. She did buy herself a stuffed animal baby seal. I was kinda upset at first because I really had wanted as much change as possible. I hadn’t budgeted for her to take any spending money on this trip. Which is my own fault. I just didn’t think about that. So when I found out that I had to send her with money I had to scrounge it up. My first reaction was to be annoyed that she spent money I didn’t have to buy a stuffed seal. But I got over it. It’s fine. She had a good time and I can live with only $9 in change.

Later she told me that the bus broke down on the way home and they waited in a McDonalds for it to be fixed. She didn’t get anything because she wanted to bring me home my $9. I had to glue my heart back together with superglue. It’s drying on the counter as we speak.

As we were getting her ready for bed she realized that she left her purse in her troop leaders car. She was extremely upset about this. Ahh.. she almost made it all the way home with it. But it’s safe.

Overall I was very proud of her. I think she did a great job. She got some practice being in charge of her money and used a little frugality to bring me change. That was sweet. She said she also tried to eat healthy too. Wow… maybe they do listen!

6 thoughts on “A Kid’s Lesson in Frugality”

  1. Great Story! Seems like she did a great job in bringing back money and making frugal decisions. Well done!

    As for the McDonald’s/superglue heart comment, I can empathize. I would have had that reaction as well. That said, looking at it she seemed to do very well for being so young, and clearly tried to make good decisions and do the right thing.

    As a Dad of an 8 year old girl (and girl scout too, like yours), I can appreciate how this would make you proud. Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. I really like this story. I’m not sure if I’m just getting old by $45 is still a fairly large amount of money to a 9 year old I’m guessing. Sounds like she did a good job of saving the $9, especially by resisting McDonalds.

  3. Yes $45 is a lot for a 9 year old for three meals. That’s what they said to send. They spent two days in Sea World so I figured they were paying theme park prices for meals. Plus drinks and snacks and what not through out two days.

  4. Wow, she did a great job! With theme park prices, it’s hard to keep your food spending down. She did a nice job of watching her money closely and being budget-conscious, and that’s a great lesson for a nine-year-old girl!

  5. Wow! She did a GREAT job! I can totally identify with the superglue part of it. I had to do it once before 🙁

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