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Book Review: Living Beyond Rich

Did you know I’m in a book?! It’s called Living Beyond Rich and it launches today! Wohoo! I’m so excited. My words are printed on actual paper that has the edges glued together. That’s pretty cool. I’m super excited about it. In fact, since I got my copy I’ve been carrying it around with me to show people. Cause I’m that dorky. Don’t you wish you knew me in real life?

The book was written by Jen McDonough. Her and her family paid off over $150,000 in debt in three years. YUP! The first part of the book is her story and then the second part is broken up into expert advice. I’m one of the experts! I’m so thrilled to get to be part of this project.

The book has endorsements from some pretty big names including Dan Miller of 48 days and John Miller of QBQ (another one of my favorite books). I also have it on good authority that Dave Ramsey was hand delivered a copy of the book as well.

Let me tell you a little bit about Jen’s story. I don’t want to tell you any spoilers but her and her family were living a “typical life”, working hard and spending more than they made. Then they had a life changing event that changed everything right at the time when their financial house of cards was coming down on them.

They had to make a change and get real about their situation. Things didn’t go smooth all the time and there were definite bumps in the road. This isn’t a fairy tale… it’s the real life story of a family who changes their financial life for good.

If you are fighting a battle against debt or considering starting your fight I highly recommend this book… especially chapter 21! (That’s mine!)

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Living Beyond Rich”

  1. Ashley,
    I am SO PROUD OF YOU! YES, you ARE in the book! I LOVE your expert advice you share with readers and am EXCITED that you were on this project! So proud of what you are doing for people to find financial freedom, peace, and joy.

    So excited as well to have gotten to connect with you. Your enthusiasm has been contagious and I am SO THRILLED for you on your newest venture (your own book). I can’t wait!

    MANY blessings. Thank you again!!!
    Live Beyond Awesome.

    Twitter: @ TheIronJen

  2. Great Work..It feels so good to know that You made a change in the world for the better…I’m so Proud to have met here on Twitter…And just one more extra here: Just one more thing to think about is all the good you don’t even know about….

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