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The B Word: How To Create And Use A Budget That Will Change Your Life

I wrote an e-book! It’s called “The B word: How to create and use a budget that will change your life”. It’s on Amazon for a mere 2.99 and you should buy it.

If you know me at all then you know I love to help people budget. I truly believe that budgeting is critical to winning with money. All the financial advice in the world won’t help you get ahead if you don’t control your money. Your money doesn’t naturally want to behave. You have to make it behave by using a budget.

That’s why I wrote the e-book. I wanted a comprehensive “how-to” guide to build the very same budget that my husband and I have been using for the past 9 years. It works! I know it works and we have made very few tweaks to it over the years. It’s a simple budget but extremely effective.

In the book I teach you exactly how to create this simple budget. Then I go on to explain how to actually use it to change your life. A budget that doesn’t help you make better decisions isn’t a budget. It’s a decoration. Pretty… but not useful.

The book is not long but it’s jam packed with info. I cut right to the chase and there isn’t a whole lot of fluff.

So yeah… buy it. If you have read it I’d also love a review on Amazon!

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