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About Jeff Williamson

JeffTwelve years ago I found myself buried under a mountain of debt, working two jobs and living in an apartment with almost no heat. I scraped and clawed my way to an (almost) debt free life and I look forward to bringing my story to Staying Frugal. I’ve been blogging for almost ten years and enjoy interacting with our readers. I’m a husband and father of three young kids (and a dog!) and live in Upstate New York where I’m a self employed entrepreneur. I enjoy following the ups and downs of the stock market, finding smarter ways to save money and crushing debt.

About Ashley Barnett

AshleyAshley was the founder of MoneyTalksCoaching.com, which was the domain before we decided to change the name to Staying Frugal. I’ve been writing about personal finance since February of 2008 but I’ve been a personal finance nerd my whole life.  Personal finance is deeply part of who I am. I’m a wife and mother of two great kids, ages 12 and 7.  I live in Phoenix and work from home for my late father’s landscaping company. I love my family, money, and running a business.  I’m a  world traveling, positive thinking, list making, goal setting, debt hating, candy crushing woman who loves her life!  That’s who I am!


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