How To Watch NFL RedZone Without Cable (2023) – 5 Cheapest Ways To Stream

Watch NFL RedZone Without Cable

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If you’re an NFL fan you know that there is nothing more fun than kicking back and watching the NFL RedZone channel on Sundays and watching every big play from every team. We’ve discussed how to watch NFL Network and the NFL Draft, but how do you watch NFL RedZone if you don’t have cable?

You can stream NFL RedZone on the following services:

Each of these options has its own plans and price structures, and some even offer a free trial. We’ll walk you through each option and let you know the pros and cons of each service so you’ll be ready to watch RedZone by the opening kickoff.

The Free Option – NFL App (If you already have cable)

If you’re reading this post then this option most likely does not apply to you, but I need to mention it anyway.

If you have a cable subscription that includes the NFL RedZone channel then you can access it online through the official NFL app by logging in through your cable provider.

Don’t have cable but your friend does? Invite them over for the game!

The NFL App is available for free on most streaming devices as well as both iOS and Android devices.

Since this option most likely does not apply to most of us, let’s take a look at some of the paid streaming options.

Paid streaming services that offer NFL RedZone

You can watch NFL RedZone without cable by subscribing to one of these Live TV streaming services:

  • Sling TV – $51/month ($40/mo for Sling Blue + $11/mo Sports Extra)
  • Hulu + Live TV – $79.98/month – ($69.99/mo base + $9.99/mo for Sports add-on)
  • YouTube TV – $83.98/month – ($72.99/mo base + $10.99/mo Sports Plus)
  • fuboTV – $85.98/month – ($74.99/mo base plan + $10.99/mo for Sports Plus)

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Unfortunately, streaming services know we want the NFL RedZone channel so most of them do not include it in their base packages and require you to purchase an add-on package for an additional fee.

On the plus side, most services don’t require a contract so you can pay for it only during the NFL season and cancel in the off-season.

Let’s take a look at each of these options in more detail…

Cheapest Streaming Option – Sling TV

The cheapest way to watch NFL RedZone without cable is through the SlingTV Blue package ($40 per month) plus the Sports Extra add-on package ($11 per month) which includes NFL RedZone along with a handful of other sports channels including MLB Network, NBA TV and NHL Network. This allows you to watch RedZone on your TV, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, and most other smart streaming devices.

Source: SlingTV

To get RedZone on Sling TV you’ll need the Sling Blue package because the Sports Extra add-on plan for Orange does NOT include RedZone. Of course you also have the option of the Sling Orange+Blue package for $55 per month, which also includes the ESPN family of channels so you can watch Monday Night Football as well.

One very important note about Sling TV – it does not include local channels in most markets. Since the NFL broadcasts the majority of Sunday games on local channels you’ll most likely need a digital antenna to receive coverage of these games.

For more information on the packages they offer, be sure to check out our full Sling TV review.

Most Complete Option – YouTube TV

If you’re looking for a simpler, more complete option that includes the channels most of us are looking for all in one place then YouTube TV may be a better option for you. Unlike Sling, YouTube TV has just one package including ESPN and other sports channels for a more expensive $73 per month.

To get NFL RedZone you’ll need to add on the SportsPlus add-on package for an additional $10.99. The Sports Plus package also includes:

  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • Fox College Sports
  • Stadium
  • TVG

While YouTube TV is a more expensive option than SlingTV, it includes a simpler package, with sports channels such as ESPN, MLB Network and NBA TV already included, plus an unlimited cloud DVR. Depending on your needs it may be worth the additional cost.

Best For Sports Fans – fuboTV

If you can’t get enough sports then you may want to consider the lesser known fuboTV, which is a streaming sports fan’s dream come true. Similarly to Sling and YouTube TV, NFL RedZone requires The Sports Plus with NFL Redzone add-on package for an additional $10.99 on top of one of their other sports-filled packages, starting at $64.99.

What sets fuboTV apart is that they skew their package heavily to sports fans. In addition to the national sports channels included by most services, FUBO includes channels targeted toward College sports, International Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Motor Sports and Esports.

Best for ESPN/Disney Fans – Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV now includes NFL RedZone in their channel lineup (with the sports add-on package). While their plan looks a bit pricier than the competition at $69.99 + $9.99 for the sports add-on, it includes both ESPN+ and Disney+, which would cost $17.98 more per month if you bought them individually. If you’re a Disney or ESPN fan and would buy their package separately this is a great deal.

Hulu + Live TV comes with over 75 channels, including sports channels like ESPN, FS1/FS2 and NFL Network. It also comes with unlimited DVR so you can record all your games when you’re not able to watch live.

Hulu is also running a special offer right now where you can score their base package for $20 off per month ($49.99/mo) for the first 3 months, so it’s definitely worth trying out at that price.

Streaming services that do NOT offer NFL RedZone at this time

Unfortunately, not every streaming TV service includes NFL RedZone as an available option. The services that do not include RedZone in their plans are:

Which Devices Can I Watch NFL RedZone On?

Fortunately, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and fuboTV are all available on most major streaming devices including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Chromecast, as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets.

How To Stream NFL RedZone On Roku

To stream NFL RedZone on Roku simply visit Roku’s channel store and add the channel for the service you plan on watching. We recommend using the “search channels” option to find it faster. Once you find it, click Add Channel, and once it’s added you simply need to log in to the service.


To watch NFL RedZone without cable you’ll need to subscribe to Sling TV, YouTube TV, or fuboTV.

The cheapest we’ve been able to find NFL RedZone is $46 per month through Sling TV’s blue package plus sports plus add-on.

Other great streaming services like YouTube TV and fuboTV both offer it for around $75 a month but are great services that we also recommend if you’re looking for a more robust streaming package.

If you’re a sports fan looking for other ways to watch your favorite teams, be sure to check out our article on How To Watch NBA Games Without Cable too!

What do you think? Is NFL RedZone worth adding a monthly subscription? Have you found a cheaper way to stream NFL RedZone? Let us know in the comments!

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